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A Fistful of Advisors Podcast

Episode 2 – Paula Guilfoyle

Our Podcast guest for Episode 2 is Paula Guilfoyle – President & Founder at Claim Leadership. Paula shares with us some great leadership tips and how she advises clients on leadership and transformation. Claim Leadership helps organizations make more money through training that transforms teams to become more positive, focused and productive. This reduces turnover and improves engagement, morale and culture, reducing costs This episode is hosted by “The Chief” – Michael Charobee – President, CEO & Founder of Shotgun Eddie & Company.


Episode 1 – Greg Artzt

Our Podcast guest for Episode 1 is Greg Artzt – Co-Founder & CEO at Punch Technologies and best know for their PunchAlert app. Greg visits with us as our first guest on our “A Fistful of Advisors Podcast” to chat about what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and leading a start-up technology company. Greg talks about the journey he has taken to get to this point in his career and the experiences he has had running his startup technology App business. This episode is hosted by “The Chief” – Michael Charobee – President, CEO & Founder of Shotgun Eddie & Company.

Punch Technologies is a Charlotte, North Carolina based mobile software company, and creator of the PunchAlert mobile security and communication platform. The PunchAlert Platform is the only all-in-one emergency communication platform leveraging both GPS and iBeacon location technology.

You can listen to our Podcast on Soundcloud and the Apple iTunes Podcast App.